We transform

resolve into results

Better Change, Faster

“The need for change couldn’t be clearer – why is it taking so long to make it happen?”

Whether to drive performance, reduce risk or sustain success, we address three key challenges of change:


getting everyone involved on the same page about why
change is needed and who will do what next to make it happen.


identifying initial low-risk actions that can be amplified
if they deliver results and stopped if they don’t.


re-invigorating the change process when it stalls or energy starts to drain.

Our engagements span consultancy and advisory; individual and group coaching; executive and leadership development engagements; and dispute/conflict resolution. All in the service of helping our clients take action that counts to create the change they want.

Sustaining success
through change


1. Our Focus is People: Yours, in Your Context

Our approach was borne of frustration with the cookie-cutter developmental programs and consulting models dominating the market. Slick models and frameworks or the latest insights in behavioural neuroscience often present a compelling story - but fall at the first hurdle of real people in real workplaces.

The 'human factor' after which our practice is named refers to the set of characteristics - common to all people but unique to each one - that shape how we all make sense of every situation we encounter - and what we are Ready, Willing and Able to do in response.

Everything we do is built on understanding and working with how that human factor plays out in your organisation, in your context, with your people - to deliver results.

Between us, we have delivered successful transformational change solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations in every industry and in every continent.

2. Integrating Behavioural Science and Cutting-Edge Technology

The era of Deep Learning and Large Language Models goes far beyond the impressive content production abilities of Generative AI; it has ushered in an unprecedented ability to gain and act on practical, experiential behavioural insights at scale.

Now more than ever before, we can access the full context shaping the unique challenges faced by every individual and every organisation in every situation.

Through our technology partner Phrasia, we can tap directly into the ‘source code’ of how human beings experience their reality.
This enables us to tailor our solutions to the sense-making of the specific people concerned, in their own particular context – and focus energy and resources on finding the specific actions that will count most in creating the desired change.


Graham Barkus

My ‘burning question’ for the past 25 years has been “How can we make change better?”, both in the experience people have when going through change, and in the quality of outcomes achieved in change processes.
To that question I bring a background in social, cognitive and behavioural psychology, strategy and conflict resolution. My career has always involved spanning boundaries of structure, culture, interests and habit, in organisational development roles and as an external coach guiding people through transformational change.

Dr Laurena Law

I am an experienced medical doctor with a demonstrated track record in the health, wellness and fitness industry. As a healthcare services professional I bring a strong focus on integrative health, including a Board Certification in Integrative and Functional Medicine from the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine; and skills in Holistic Health, Lifestyle Medicine and Nutrition.
I am an accomplished public speaker and greatly enjoy helping people take informed, evidence-based control of their health and wellbeing.

Dr Richard Claydon

I describe myself as a trans-disciplinary behavioural scientist, reflecting my extensive research in and passion for improving the experience people have of work so that they are able to perform at their best and meet the very different needs that the future of work requires.
Today’s leaders worry about Black Swans. They spend a lot time dealing with the volatility and uncertainty of the world. Leading in such a world is not easy. It takes a lot of cognitive and emotional energy. I deal with the ‘hows’ that they don’t have time to think about.

Dr Vanessa Wong

I am a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry and with an increasing focus on lifestyle and functional medicine. I have always been fascinated by the human psyche, and gravitated towards psychiatry because it combined my love of medical science with the study of humanity.
Over 15 years of professional practice, as well as personal experience of chronic fatigue and other medically-unexplained symptoms led to my passionate belief in taking an integrative approach by looking beyond symptoms and identifying root causes, and in doing so treat the person as a whole rather than a cluster of problems.

David Yau

I am a Shanghai-based coach for individuals and teams. My coaching work helps clients not only make progress on their challenges but also become more aware of patterns of behavior and thinking that shape the results they get. We then explore and experiment together with new ways of doing and thinking, to both advance their learning and address any underlying factors that may be blocking progress.
I work with private-sector clients such as corporates and business schools and also public-sector international organisations. Prior to my work as an independent consultant, I worked in HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank for 20 years, both as a corporate banker and an in-house Leadership Development practitioner.

Our Partners

Our work is frequently accomplished through collaboration with partners
who complement our services, expertise and geographic coverage: