We help people

turn resolve into results


We help people make the changes they need to get the results they want – for themselves or from others

We help them:

  • develop agency and resilience
  • improve critical stakeholder relationships
  • lead change across barriers of structure, culture, interests and habits

In order that they can sustain success – and turn their intentions more quickly into reality and transformative results.

We are often engaged to help people:

ACCELERATE DELIVERY of strategy into action and value

  • get key stakeholders aligned with changes in direction and priorities
  • build – or rebuild – high-performance teams
  • resolve the tensions and trade-offs arising from change


  • prepare for and manage new, unfamiliar challenges and roles
  • address the emotional, reputational and identity issues arising from restructuring and downsizing
  • get back on track after the trauma of significant change in circumstances

ACHIEVE AND SUSTAIN A STEP-CHANGE in performance and wellbeing

  • reduce the costs of stress for businesses and their employees; improve workplace wellbeing
  • create agile, inclusive and resilient workplaces, where people can do and be their best
  • make behavioural changes to achieve results that have previously proven elusive

Sustaining success
& wellbeing
through change


1. The Most Experienced Practitioner Panel

Between us, we have helped thousands of people across four continents to transform performance in themselves and others.

Our professional backgrounds span organizational roles in change and development; leading-edge research in organizational behaviour, deep experience in individual and group coaching, and professional practice in medicine, psychology, nutrition and exercise physiology.

Our backgrounds are diverse but we are united in our mission to advance health and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond, helping our clients feel better, do better and stay better as they navigate the challenges of changing context and uncertainty - and turn their resolve into results.

2. Beyond Best Practice: Tailored Solutions

We believe that every individual and every organization faces unique challenges in every situation. As a result, every client requires a tailored solution to help them manage their particular circumstances.

We also recognize that achieving transformative results - for individuals, teams or organizations - involves understanding the wider system and context.

Our practitioners' backgrounds and experience are brought together in personal, systemic solutions based on our unique combination of experience and methodologies - always tailored to the specific circumstances of our clients and their objectives.


Graham Barkus

I founded The Human Factor on the desire to help ‘make people better at work’, by guiding the development of critical capabilities for the future of work while also reducing the burden that workplace stress creates on health and well-being.
From my base in Hong Kong my 30-year career has always involved spanning boundaries of structure, culture, interests and habit, as a senior executive in learning and organisation development, and as an external coach working with people to transform performance and well-being in professional and personal contexts.

Dr Laurena Law

I am an experienced medical doctor with a demonstrated track record in the health, wellness and fitness industry. As a healthcare services professional I bring a strong focus on integrative health, including a Board Certification in Integrative and Functional Medicine from the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine; and skills in Holistic Health, Lifestyle Medicine and Nutrition.
I am an accomplished public speaker and greatly enjoy helping people take informed, evidence-based control of their health and wellbeing.

Dr Richard Claydon

I describe myself as a trans-disciplinary behavioural scientist, reflecting my extensive research in and passion for improving the experience people have of work so that they are able to perform at their best and meet the very different needs that the future of work requires.
Today’s leaders worry about Black Swans. They spend a lot time dealing with the volatility and uncertainty of the world. Leading in such a world is not easy. It takes a lot of cognitive and emotional energy. I deal with the ‘hows’ that they don’t have time to think about.

Dr Vanessa Wong

I am a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry and with an increasing focus on lifestyle and functional medicine. I have always been fascinated by the human psyche, and gravitated towards psychiatry because it combined my love of medical science with the study of humanity.
Over 15 years of professional practice, as well as personal experience of chronic fatigue and other medically-unexplained symptoms led to my passionate belief in taking an integrative approach by looking beyond symptoms and identifying root causes, and in doing so treat the person as a whole rather than a cluster of problems.

David Yau

I am a Shanghai-based coach for individuals and teams. My coaching work helps clients not only make progress on their challenges but also become more aware of patterns of behavior and thinking that shape the results they get. We then explore and experiment together with new ways of doing and thinking, to both advance their learning and address any underlying factors that may be blocking progress.
I work with private-sector clients such as corporates and business schools and also public-sector international organisations. Prior to my work as an independent consultant, I worked in HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank for 20 years, both as a corporate banker and an in-house Leadership Development practitioner.